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;;; php-project.el --- Project support for PHP application -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2020 Friends of Emacs-PHP development
;; Author: USAMI Kenta <>
;; Keywords: tools, files
;; URL:
;; Version: 1.24.0
;; License: GPL-3.0-or-later
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; Define project specific functions and variables for PHP application.
;; ## API
;; ### `php-project-get-root-dir()'
;; Return root directory of current buffer file. The root directory is
;; determined by several marker file or directory.
;; ### `php-project-get-bootstrap-scripts()'
;; Return list of path to bootstrap script file.
;; ### `php-project-get-php-executable()'
;; Return path to PHP executable file with the project settings overriding.
;; ### `php-project-get-phan-executable()'
;; Return path to Phan executable file with the project settings overriding.
;; Phan is a static analyzer and LSP server implementation for PHP.
;; See
;; ## `.dir-locals.el' support
;; - `php-project-coding-style'
;; - Symbol value of the coding style. (ex. `pear', `psr2')
;; - `php-project-root'
;; - Symbol of marker file of project root. (ex. `git', `composer')
;; - Full path to project root directory. (ex. "/path/to/your-project")
;; - `php-project-bootstrap-scripts'
;; - List of path to bootstrap file of project.
;; (ex. (((root . "vendor/autoload.php") (root . "inc/bootstrap.php")))
;; - `php-project-php-executable'
;; - Path to project specific PHP executable file.
;; - If you want to use a file different from the system wide `php' command.
;; - `php-project-phan-executable'
;; - Path to project specific Phan executable file.
;; - When not specified explicitly, it is automatically searched from
;; Composer's dependency of the project and `exec-path'.
;;; Code:
(require 'cl-lib))
(require 'projectile nil t)
;; Constants
(defconst php-project-composer-autoloader "vendor/autoload.php")
;; Custom variables
(defgroup php-project nil
"Major mode for editing PHP code."
:tag "PHP Project"
:prefix "php-project-"
:group 'php)
(defcustom php-project-auto-detect-etags-file nil
"If `T', automatically detect etags file when file is opened."
:tag "PHP Project Auto Detect Etags File"
:group 'php-project
:type 'boolean)
(defcustom php-project-use-projectile-to-detect-root nil
"If `T' and projectile-mode is activated, use Projectile for root detection."
:tag "PHP Project Use Projectile To Detect Root"
:group 'php-project
:type 'boolean)
;; Variables
(defvar php-project-available-root-files
'((projectile ".projectile")
(composer "composer.json" "composer.lock")
(git ".git")
(mercurial ".hg")
(subversion ".svn")
;; NOTICE: This method does not detect the top level of .editorconfig
;; However, we can integrate it by adding the editorconfig.el's API.
;;(editorconfig . ".editorconfig")
;; Buffer local variables
(defvar-local php-project-root 'auto
"Method of searching for the top level directory.
`auto' (default)
Try to search file in order of `php-project-available-root-files'.
Key of `php-project-available-root-files'.
A file/directory name of top level marker.
If the string is an actual directory path, it is set as the absolute path
of the root directory, not the marker.")
(put 'php-project-root 'safe-local-variable
#'(lambda (v) (or (stringp v) (assq v php-project-available-root-files))))
(defvar-local php-project-etags-file nil)
(put 'php-project-etags-file 'safe-local-variable
#'(lambda (v) (or (functionp v)
(eq v t)
(php-project--eval-bootstrap-scripts v))))
(defvar-local php-project-bootstrap-scripts nil
"List of path to bootstrap php script file.
The ideal bootstrap file is silent, it only includes dependent files,
defines constants, and sets the class loaders.")
(put 'php-project-bootstrap-scripts 'safe-local-variable #'php-project--eval-bootstrap-scripts)
(defvar-local php-project-php-executable nil
"Path to php executable file.")
(put 'php-project-php-executable 'safe-local-variable
#'(lambda (v) (and (stringp v) (file-executable-p v))))
(defvar-local php-project-phan-executable nil
"Path to phan executable file.")
(put 'php-project-phan-executable 'safe-local-variable #'php-project--eval-bootstrap-scripts)
(defvar-local php-project-coding-style nil
"Symbol value of the coding style of the project that PHP major mode refers to.
Typically it is `pear', `drupal', `wordpress', `symfony2' and `psr2'.")
(put 'php-project-coding-style 'safe-local-variable #'symbolp)
(defvar-local php-project-align-lines t
"If T, automatically turn on `php-align-mode' by `php-align-setup'.")
(put 'php-project-align-lines 'safe-local-variable #'booleanp)
(defvar-local php-project-php-file-as-template 'auto
`auto' (default)
Automatically switch to mode for template when HTML tag detected in file.
Switch all PHP files in that directory to mode for HTML template.
Any .php in that directory is just a PHP script.
Alist of file name pattern regular expressions and the above symbol pairs.
PATTERN is regexp pattern.
(put 'php-project-php-file-as-template 'safe-local-variable #'php-project--validate-php-file-as-template)
(defvar-local php-project-repl nil
"Function name or path to REPL (interactive shell) script.")
(put 'php-project-repl 'safe-local-variable
#'(lambda (v) (or (functionp v)
(php-project--eval-bootstrap-scripts v))))
(defvar-local php-project-unit-test nil
"Function name or path to unit test script.")
(put 'php-project-unit-test 'safe-local-variable
#'(lambda (v) (or (functionp v)
(php-project--eval-bootstrap-scripts v))))
(defvar-local php-project-deploy nil
"Function name or path to deploy script.")
(put 'php-project-deploy 'safe-local-variable
#'(lambda (v) (or (functionp v)
(php-project--eval-bootstrap-scripts v))))
(defvar-local php-project-build nil
"Function name or path to build script.")
(put 'php-project-build 'safe-local-variable
#'(lambda (v) (or (functionp v)
(php-project--eval-bootstrap-scripts v))))
(defvar-local php-project-server-start nil
"Function name or path to server-start script.")
(put 'php-project-server-start 'safe-local-variable
#'(lambda (v) (or (functionp v)
(php-project--eval-bootstrap-scripts v)))))
;; Functions
(defun php-project--validate-php-file-as-template (val)
"Return T when `VAL' is valid list of safe ."
((null val) t)
((memq val '(t auto)) t)
((listp val)
(cl-loop for v in val
always (and (consp v)
(stringp (car v))
(php-project--validate-php-file-as-template (cdr v)))))
(t nil)))
(defun php-project--eval-bootstrap-scripts (val)
"Return T when `VAL' is valid list of safe bootstrap php script."
((stringp val) (and (file-exists-p val) val))
((eq 'composer val)
(let ((path (expand-file-name php-project-composer-autoloader (php-project-get-root-dir))))
(and (file-exists-p path) path)))
((and (consp val) (eq 'root (car val)) (stringp (cdr val)))
(let ((path (expand-file-name (cdr val) (php-project-get-root-dir))))
(and (file-exists-p path) path)))
((null val) nil)
((listp val)
(cl-loop for v in val collect (php-project--eval-bootstrap-scripts v)))
(t nil)))
(defun php-project-get-php-executable ()
"Return path to PHP executable file."
((and (stringp php-project-php-executable)
(file-executable-p php-project-php-executable))
((boundp 'php-executable) php-executable)
(t (executable-find "php"))))
(defun php-project-get-phan-executable ()
"Return path to phan executable file."
(or (car-safe (php-project--eval-bootstrap-scripts
(list php-project-phan-executable
(cons 'root "vendor/bin/phan"))))
(executable-find "phan")))
(defun php-project-get-file-html-template-type (filename)
"Return symbol T, NIL or `auto' by `FILENAME'."
((not php-project-php-file-as-template) nil)
((eq t php-project-php-file-as-template) t)
((eq 'auto php-project-php-file-as-template) 'auto)
((listp php-project-php-file-as-template)
(assoc-default filename php-project-php-file-as-template #'string-match-p))
(t (prog1 nil
(warn "php-project-php-file-as-template is unexpected format")))))
(defun php-project-apply-local-variables ()
"Apply php-project variables to local variables."
(when (null tags-file-name)
(when (or (and php-project-auto-detect-etags-file
(null php-project-etags-file))
(eq php-project-etags-file t))
(let ((tags-file (expand-file-name "TAGS" (php-project-get-root-dir))))
(when (file-exists-p tags-file)
(setq-local php-project-etags-file tags-file))))
(when php-project-etags-file
(setq-local tags-file-name (php-project--eval-bootstrap-scripts php-project-etags-file)))))
(defun php-project-get-bootstrap-scripts ()
"Return list of bootstrap script."
(let ((scripts (php-project--eval-bootstrap-scripts php-project-bootstrap-scripts)))
(if (stringp scripts) (list scripts) scripts)))
(defun php-project-get-root-dir ()
"Return path to current PHP project."
(if (and (stringp php-project-root) (file-directory-p php-project-root))
(defun php-project--detect-root-dir ()
"Return detected project root."
(if (and php-project-use-projectile-to-detect-root
(bound-and-true-p projectile-mode)
(fboundp 'projectile-project-root))
(projectile-project-root default-directory)
(let ((detect-method
((stringp php-project-root) (list php-project-root))
((eq php-project-root 'auto)
(cl-loop for m in php-project-available-root-files
append (cdr m)))
(t (cdr-safe (assq php-project-root php-project-available-root-files))))))
(cl-loop for m in detect-method
thereis (locate-dominating-file default-directory m)))))
(provide 'php-project)
;;; php-project.el ends here